Month: October 2017




The 1st Board Meeting of XIS SY2017-2018 was called to order at 9:00 a.m. on Sept 12, 2017.


At the meeting, the Board first expressed its warm welcome to the new parent board member, Mrs. Alison Rose.


Mr. David Brooker reported to the Board on our MAP 2017 Spring result. In this report, different graphs with detail data were used to explain to the Board about the learning progress of our students from Year 2016 to Year 2017 in the fields of math, reading and writing. Mr. Brooker used those results to compare XIS with both EARCOS schools and US schools. The vertical and parallel comparisons showed that our students’ English skills are increasing by grade levels. Many grades were at or above the EARCOS and US norms. Mr. Brooker reported that the school would continue to study these data for future trends and needs in programs. The good MAP results have again provided evidence that the Board’s support of our ELL programs was both prescient and correct.


The Board listened to the ES Principal’s and the SS Principal’s reports on their divisions’ academic goals for SY 2017-2018. Both Principals’ reports had a nice picture of its current instructional status and its new school-year academic goals. The Board will continue to support professional development. The Directors of the Board were pleased to see that programs were studied to meet the actual needs, especially in the area of differentiated instruction. The Board also commended the implementation of our Academic Honesty Procedures which has been on-going at Secondary School and is now in place at the Elementary School. The Board pointed out that, with the positive guidance from the teachers & parents, the child(ren) would have positive learning attitude(s). S/he could develop to be a self-learner and the growth in all areas would be easy to see. The secondary Principal’s report on our DP passing rate and the DP results were commended by the Board.


The Board Minutes of May 2017 was approved.


The Headmaster reported to the Board on the school’s opening status and enrollment projections and on his major working goals for this school year. After listening to the Headmaster’s report, the Board commended the leadership of the Headmaster and the collaboration by entire school community. Our enrollment is developing in a positive upward trend. It has broken a new record of 500 students. The Board would like to see the school to continue to ultilize the self-study work required for the WASC accreditation and IB authorization for stable growth. This would help the school grow internally and externally in the present international competing market environment. In the report, the focus on a whole-school team-work spirit was seen and would be a continued goal. The school will continue to strive for educational excellence while promoting the “Quality Life” belief in the school to achieve a reciprocal benefit for all students, faculty & staff and parents. The Headmaster’s report on the school’s opening status and enrollment projections, and the Headmaster’s major working goals for this school year was approved by the Board.


The final budget report of SY 2016-2017 reported by Mr. Zheng Jun Wei, the Financial Controller, was approved by the Board. The report showed that our school’s fiscal operation was healthy.


The directors unanimously approved the brief progress report on the preparation for XIS 20th anniversary, which was debriefed by Dr. Hu Quanjun, the Executive Board Member.


Respectfully submitted,

Office of Board of Directors of XIS