Month: November 2016

Christmas concert 圣诞音乐会

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It is my pleasure to invite you and your family to the Music Department’s 2016 Whole School Winter concert, which is due to take place in the school canteen, from 2.00pm – 3.20pm on Thursday 8th December. The concert will feature whole class and small selected groups from Grade 3 to Grade 12. The concert aims to bring the whole XIS community together to celebrate the many musical talents of our students here at XIS.

The concert will feature music from a wide range of popular artists such as Joni Mitchell, Coldplay, Slade and include traditional holiday music often heard during the lead up to Christmas. The students would be delighted to see as many parents attend as possible to join in the fun and festivities

Owing to space limitations we offer 2 seats per family. Please note the concert is for parents only. Students will have other opportunities to view the performances.

If you would like to have further information regarding the event please don’t hesitate to contact me through my email address which can be seen at the end of this invitation.

Kind Regards,


音乐会将演奏各种不同类型的大众艺术家作品,如Joni Mitchell,Coldplay,Slade,以及圣诞节期间经常听到的传统节日音乐。 学生们将会很高兴地看到有尽可能多的家长来参加娱乐和庆祝活动。

由于空间限制,我们为每个家庭提供2个座位。 请注意,音乐会仅供父母参与。学生将有其他机会观看表演。




Russell Grant, Music Lead Teacher

Xiamen International School

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Xinglin, Jimei District, Xiamen
People’s Republic of China

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XIS Participates in MUNOX

       Eleven dedicated students represented XIS during the weekend of Friday 28 October – Sunday 30 October at the Manila Xiamen International School Model United Nations (MUNOX) conference held at the Marco Polo Hotel.

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      The students, ranging from Grades 6 – 11, discussed and debated a range of current topics in committees modelled on the UN.

     In addition to all students confidently participating and gaining experience as delegates, two XIS students were honoured with awards in recognition of valued contributions to their committee.


    David He and Jeffery Kim (Grade 10) were both recognized for their participation in the Human Rights Council (HRC), where they debated on the question of the death penalty, and the support of firearms to the protection of human rights. David received an Honourable Mention, and Jeffery was awarded Best Delegate in the HRC.

     Many XIS students and teachers commented on the success of the conference, and valued the opportunity to work with MXIS.

    This week, students have focused their attention on preparations for XIAMUN – the MUN conference hosted by XIS, taking place Friday 4 and Saturday 5 November.

Congratulations to all students who participated in MUNOX.

Disarmament and International Security:

Abdulaziz Almousa (Grade 6)

Security Council:

Rahul Edassery (Grade 11), Chris Lee (Grade 10), Athan Ni (Grade 11), Daniel Choi (Grade 8)

Human Rights Council:

Jeffery Kim (Grade 10), David He (Grade 10)

World Health Organization:

Oscar Lin (Grade 7), Jessica Tanko (Grade 11)

General Assembly:

Kevin Tian (Grade 10)

Ernesto Hunziker (Grade 11)





  10年级的David He  Jeffery Kim参加了此次的人权理事会受到了认可。他们对死刑的问题进行了辩论并支持了枪支保护人权 David 得到了荣誉奖, Jeffery 被评为人权理事会最佳代表。





  Abdulaziz Almousa (6年级)


  Rahul Edassery (11年级), Chris Lee (10年级), Athan Ni (11年级), Daniel Choi (8年级)


  Jeffery Kim (10年级), David He (10年级)


  Oscar Lin (7年级), Jessica Tanko (11年级)


  Kevin Tian (10年级)

  Ernesto Hunziker (11年级)




MUN Students Invited to Lead at Prestigious Beijing Conference


Recently three of our students applied for Chair positions at BEIMUN – one of the largest and prestigious Model United Nations simulations in Asia, held at the International School of Beijing every year.  1500 students attend from about 80 schools around the world.

This year, ISB had about 30 Chair positions for external applicants.  Chairs of committees need to prepare, organize and run groups of up to 100 student delegates.
We are happy to announce that all three applicants were successful.  Crystal ShinMartin Lozada, and Kelly Kim.  Crystal will be President of the Disarmament Committee; Martin the Deputy President of the General Assembly; Kelly the Deputy President of the Human Rights Commission.
This is quite a tribute to the years of MUN service and commitment that these students (and so many other MUN students) have shown over the years here at XIS.

BEIMUN ( will be held in March.


MUN Advisors

David Brooker, Sue Shen, Melanie Dillon





  我们非常高兴的预祝三位 Crystal Shin, Martin Lozada, Kelly Kim取得成功。Crystal 将会是裁军理事会的主席 Martin 将是联合国大会的副主席Kelly 将会人权理事会的副主席

  这是对Crystal Shin, Martin Lozada, Kelly Kim还有其他很多参加模拟联合国学生多年来在厦门国际学校的模拟联合国服务和承诺的相当大的赞扬。

  北京模拟联合国( 在三月举行。




                                                                                                                                           MUN顾问:David Brooker, Sue Shen, Melanie Dillon