The Third Board Meeting of XIS SY2018-2019 was called to order at 9:00 a.m. on March 27, 2019.

The Board meeting minutes of December 4, 2018 was approved by the Board.

The Headmaster, Mr. Marvin, debriefed the Board on his report. He reported that the XIS Board and he himself would need to seek help to make a master plan for facilities and strategic plan for school development by following WASC’s suggestions. The Headmaster also debriefed the Board that we need to send an annual report to WASC before this June to ensure progress is being made on some critical areas/programs since the last WASC visit. He stated the needs to work closely with the Board and ensures that the plans made will fit XIS in long term/sustainable development. The Board discussed and approved the Headmaster’s report.

The Headmaster reported that the expatriate teachers’ turnover’s rate for this school year was low. He also reported the reasons for those expatriates who will not renew the contract. Followed was his report on the personnel recruiting update for the new school year. Mr. Marvin then introduced each of new expatriate teachers’ background to the Board. He stated that these new teachers were hired from Search Associates, our long-time trusted partner for quality teacher hiring. The Board was pleased to see the Headmaster’s effort and expressed their continuous support in this regard.

Mr. Ben Meng, the parent board member, especially expressed his thanks to the school for the continuous focus on the school’s food safety, so that students and teachers could have safe meals and that the parents would be confident about the food provided. Mr. Wei, Deputy Headmaster, responded that the Headmaster highly valued the food sanitation/safety. The Headmaster conducted an inspection visit to our catering company and checked their purchasing sources for raw materials/ingredients and their quality as well as the hygiene situation for raw material processing, cooking environment and safety regulations/procedures of the whole cooking process. After inspection, the Headmaster called for a long meeting with Chairwoman and General Manager to further discuss the food nutrition/taste for students and help them with many creative good ideas to improve meal quality and on-line ordering quantity. We would like to see that the food is not only hygienic and safe, but also tasty with balanced nutrition. The Board of Directors agreed and held the Headmaster’s effort on food safety in high regard.

The Board of Directors highly praised on the Headmaster’s hard work ever since he joined in XIS last July. Mr. Marvin values the collaboration among the community and leads the whole community to strive for continuous educational excellence at XIS. He has been focusing on topic of XIS’ development. He has well exercised traditional good management operation at XIS and done a lot of solid work with wonderful achievements.

The Summary of Board’s Year 2018 Accomplishments and June 2019 – March

2020 Goals/Agendas were approved by the Board.

Respectfully submitted,

Office of Board of Directors of XIS