The fourth Board Meeting of XIS SY2018-2019 was called to order at 9:00 a.m. on May 14, 2019.

Both elementary and secondary Principals debriefed the Board on their divisional education results in SY 2018-2019. The Board of Directors was pleased to see that, under the leadership of the Headmaster and the Principals, as well as the multi-disciplinary cooperation of all subject course teachers, the educational programs of the two divisions continued to grow while targeting at IB educational goals and taking suggestions from the last WASC visit feedback report. They were also pleased to see that all educational goals set up at the beginning of the school year have been completed by the end of school year with positive progress. The Board expressed their gratitude to the contributions of the Principals.

The Board meeting minutes of March 27, 2019 was approved by the Board.

The Board listened to the report given by Ms. Laurie Ransom, the MAP Coordinator, on the MAP test of our students of Gr.1-10 taken in Fall of 2018. Ms. Ransom provided charts & graphs in her report. She compared our MAP results with all international schools, NWEA schools and US Norm schools taking MAP test. The analysis report has clearly shown that most of our MAP results exceeded all international schools’ & US norms. The Board held our MAP results in high regard. It indicates a continuous upward educational growth at XIS.

The Headmaster reported to the Board on the returning student enrollment survey. He also listed several graphs to debrief on the survey feedback after communicating with all the communities for their voices and input with an aim to pinpoint areas of our strength and for growth and improvement. This would result in further educational development in all fields at XIS. After the report, the Board expressed their respect and gratitude to the Headmaster and approved his report on the returning student enrollment survey.

The projected budget for SY 2019-2020 was approved by the Board.

Respectfully submitted,

Office of Board of Directors of XIS