The Third Board Meeting of XIS SY2017-2018 was called to order at 9:00 a.m. on Mar 27, 2018.


At the meeting, the Board Minutes of December 2017 was approved.


The Headmaster debriefed the Board on the personnel recruitment results for next school year.  The Board was pleased to see that the Headmaster worked hard to strive for a stable teaching team. Based on the data provided in the report, it has shown that the turnover rate for the coming school year was fairly low. In response to that, the Headmaster expressed his gratitude to the Board for their continuing financial support in retaining qualified teachers. The Board was also pleased to see that many newly hired teachers have master’s degrees and some even have a PhD. Also, the decision to employ a male PrK teacher was praised. This is going to be the second case for XIS. Personnel recruiting results for SY 2018-2019 was approved by the Board.


The Headmaster proposed to the Board to slightly increase the tuition &fees. In the report, the Headmaster listed tuition data of all international schools in China conducted by International Schools Consultancy Association. With the comparison, it was obvious that XIS tuition has been significantly lower than other international schools in China. This impacts our competition in hiring qualified faculty as they must operate on comparable rates as XIS. The Board had a thorough discussion and study in this regard and approved the slight tuition increase annually proposed by the previous parent board member.


The Board listened to the Headmaster on the last progress report on the preparation for April WASC/IB joint visit. The Board stated that, under the leadership of the Headmaster, all stakeholders of XIS contributed tremendous effort to complete the WASC/IB self-study report. The teamwork was highly praised.


The Summary of the Board’s “Year 2017 Accomplishments” and “June 2018 – March 2019 Goals/Planning” were approved by the Board. The Board of Directors commented that under the positive leadership of the Board, along with the Headmaster’s ongoing promotion of “Quality Life”, the school continues to follow its mission that “safety is our priority and excellent education/teaching is foremost”. The school is now in a stage of thriving where all fields are steadily developing towards the goals set up in planning.




Respectfully submitted,

Office of Board of Directors of XIS