Dear XIS community:

My name is Mr. Yuan Yuan Deng. I have been a Vice Chairman of the XIS Board of Directors since 1998, and I have served as the Executive Vice Chairman of the XIS Board of Directors since September 2002. I have been an educator for some years now, having served as a teacher and a school administrator in middle school and in university. I used to be the Director of the Xiamen Municipal Educational Commission and a National Educational Inspector. My passion for international education continues to grow. I am proud to serve in my current capacity here at XIS.

The XIS Board is made up of seven board members, two of which are selected by the parents. Under the leadership of Chairwoman Yang, the XIS Board works hard to set up policies and to oversee school operations. The XIS Board works diligently to cultivate students to be caring and compassionate global citizens. With a great deal of help and support from the community, the Board works to promote XIS with worldwide recognition.

I am delighted to see the great development that XIS has achieved in these past few years. There is a great team at XIS where international awareness and rich educational experience can be certainly found throughout the faculty and staff. XIS is accredited by the Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC) and is an IB World School with authorizations in PYP, MYP and DP. All of these achievements are closely tied to your great support and the efforts of the school administration, the faculty, the staff and the students.

I would like to welcome you again, on the behalf of XIS Board of Directors, to be a member of XIS international community. Any communication with school administration, faculty and staff is encouraged. Each of them would be happy to offer you any assistance you may need. I also hope that you can continue to visit our website to get updated information on the school.
I send my sincere thanks to everyone for offering great care and support to XIS. I would like to wish all in our school community good health and hope for every student’s success and happiness here.

Yours truly,
Deng Yuan Yuan
Executive Vice Chairman of XIS Board of Directors