December 3, 2019

The Second Board Meeting of XIS SY2019-2020 was called to order at 9:00 AM on December 3, 2019.

The Board meeting minutes of September 10, 2019 was approved by the Board.

The Headmaster debriefed the Board of Directors on the Spring 2019 XIS MAP achievement Comparisons with ‘All International School’s, EARCOS schools, China (international schools in China that participate in the MAP), and NWEA norms (all schools that participate in the MAP Assessment). The Headmaster gave the Board of Directors a very detailed interpretation and analysis of the data. After the report, the Board of Directors were satisfied to see the academic achievement of our students. The Board of Directors would like to see continued development achieved under the leadership of the Headmaster and the two Principals as well as the cooperation and hard work of the teaching team based on our enrollment configuration and areas for growth.

The Headmaster reported to the Board of Directors of the departing teachers and the reasons for not renewing contracts.

The Headmaster debriefed the Board of Directors on the Program Review which linked to the XIS Strategic Plan. The Headmaster reported that the school designed a survey sent out to the community to further study and analyze our strengths and weaknesses. He then stated that the school would develop focus groups for practical action plans after the data analysis so that the school’s educational goals would be further achieved. The Board of Directors held the Headmaster’s investigation and survey in high regard and approved his report.

The Board of Directors studied and discussed, in a prudent manner, the Headmaster’s proposal on the tuition/fee increase of SY 2020-2021. After the discussion, the Board of Directors agreed upon the proposal that the tuition increase would be used to raise salary and benefit for all faculty and staff, as well as to upgrade the facilities and maintenance throughout the campus.

The Draft School Calendar of SY2020-2021 was approved by the Board.

Mr. Ben Meng, the Parent Board Member, on behalf of PTSA forwarded some parents’ suggestions to the administration for their consideration. After listening to all the suggestions, the Board of Directors conducted a serious and professional discussion and put forward some advice and instructions to the administration. Lastly, the Board of Directors expressed again their sincere thanks to Mr. Ben Meng for his continued efforts in building up a smooth communication bridge between the parent community and the school.

Respectfully submitted,

Office of Board of Directors of XIS