Every year XIS organizes a “Week Without Walls” experiential learning week for students in grades 6-11, typically in early November. The trips provide multiple opportunities for students to meet required CAS outcomes, build community, and appreciate China’s natural and cultural diversity. There is an additional fee for participation in the program. Week Without Walls trips are planned and led by professional outdoor education providers with an emphasis on safety and are chaperoned by XIS teachers. Students engage in a variety of team building and challenging activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, and camping and are generally only allowed to use personal electronic devices for a short time each day.  

If students are unable to participate in the Week Without Walls program, they will need to work with the CAS coordinator to devise an alternative program to meet CAS outcomes during the week. This may involve service projects at XIS or in the community.  

All trips are intended to help students achieve the CAS Outcomes:  

  • Become more aware of strengths and areas for growth.
  • Undertake challenges that develop new skills.
  • Discuss, evaluate, and plan student-initiated activities.
  • Persevere in action. Work collaboratively with others.
  • Develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism, and intercultural understanding. 
  • Consider the ethical implications of actions. 

Trips for the 2019-2020 School Year 

Grade Location Description Photo Links
6 Fujian  Students will travel by bus to the Hakka villages and tea plantations of our own Fujian province. They will engage in a variety of physical challenges while learning about Chinese history and participate in cultural activities. LINK 
7 Longyou    Students stay at a dedicated outdoor education facility in Longyou Zhejiang where they will complete high-rope challenges, hike in the local mountains,  and explore the old town of Longyou.  LINK  
8 Yangshuo  In Yangshuo, Guanxi province, students will go biking, rock climbing, and cave exploring in one of the most scenic areas in China. Students will also be engaged in local activities such as Taichi and cooking. LINK  
9 Anji (Hangzhou)  In the bamboo forest west of Shanghai, students will kayak in a mountain reservoir, hike, and learn survival skills.  This program also has a leadership focus, where students engage in simulations and develop their leadership skills   LINK
10 Yuyao (Ningbo)  On this trip, students will learn about the Hemudu culture through visiting an ancient archeological site where there is a reconstruction of a Hemudu style house taking place.  They will also participate in physical challenges such as kayaking and a high-ropes course.   LINK
11 Sanya (Hainan)  Students in Sanya will participate in service activities at a local school for children with learning needs and challenge themselves physically by learning to surf and engaging in other seaside activities. LINK