The fourth Board Meeting of XIS SY2017-2018 was called to order at 9:00 a.m. on May 29, 2018.


The two Principals debriefed the Board on the major academic results of SY 2017-2018 for each division. The College Acceptance List of the XIS senior class of 2018 was praised by the Board who also commended Mr. Burnside’s efforts to stimulate not only student learning but also to keep in touch with those who had previously graduated from XIS. Mr. Burnside arranged on-line talks with former graduated seniors for our currents students to have opportunities to discuss and better understand college as well as career lives. It aims for a positive guidance for our current students. The Board also praised the more systematic documentation work that allows higher efficiency for school profiles and the secretary’s daily work. The upgraded documentation greatly assisted the successful completion of the WASC/ IB visit. After that, the Board debriefed with the Elementary Principal, Ms. Angela Speirs.  Her report dealt with the integrity of our PYP Reading and Math programs and with the Common Core Standards. In response to that, the Board would like to see the Elementary division further study to review and revise our instructional practices to be aligned with best teaching practices internationally.


The March Board Meeting Minutes was approved by the Board.


The Board listened to the Headmaster’s report on the follow-up to the WASC/ IB visit. XIS will be informed of the final result from IB within 6-8 weeks from the date of the visit. The WASC Commission will decide on our accreditation in June 2018 and probably respond to us by July 2018. The Headmaster was pleased to forward to the Board that the WASC team highly praised XIS’ effort to complete a very thorough self-study report on all aspects of the school. The visitors spent time talking with all the different community members and toured around school areas in- depth during the week. They carefully studied the over 700-page report we presented. They commented that XIS has done a great job during the past 5 years for its own growth that may have taken 10 years for some other schools to complete. In response, the Board commended the teamwork of all staff and faculty under the leadership of the Headmaster. They requested that all staff continue to fulfill the school’s mission and to serve the interests of all the stakeholders. It was only through the efforts of everyone that helped the school complete the WASC accreditation and IB authorization smoothly.


The draft calendar of SY 2018-2019 was presented with a modification of the December/January holiday. The calendar, the returning student survey for next school year and the projected budget of SY 2018-2019 were approved by the Board.


Near the end of the meeting, the Board discussed and approved the suggestion on a Board member’s appointment-by-selection process in Chapter XV of Articles of Governance which was consulted and recognized by WASC team.




Respectfully submitted,

Office of Board of Directors of XIS