The first Board Meeting of XIS SY2018-2019 was called to order at 9:00 a.m. on September 11, 2018. 


The Board welcomed the new Parent Board member, Mr. Ben Meng, the new Headmaster, Mr. Deron Marvin, and the former Headmaster, Mr. John Godwin. Mr. Godwin’s new title is Senior Consultant. The Board is confident that the new leadership team will lead XIS to its further growth. The Board also congratulated Mr. John Godwin on his being awarded of Xiamen Honorary Citizenship by Xiamen City Government. 


The two Principals debriefed the Board on the working goals of the two divisions for the new school year. After listening to their reports, the Board commended that under the leadership of Ms. Angela Speirs, the enrollment of the elementary school has reached to its peak in past few years. The Board also commended that the PS instructional programs were closely in line with PYP requirements while proper adjustments were made to flexibly meet the school’s actual needs. The continued effort in communication between the school and the parents to ensure smooth collaboration of the two communities, which could further improve the children’s well-rounded growth, were commended and encouraged by the Board. The enrollment of the Secondary School this year is improving quickly also and the data-based report showing our senior students whose DP results were above the world average were commended by the Board. The breakdown analysis clearly demonstrated hardworking and rigor instruction of the SS teachers. All work had guidelines to follow and to update to improve students’ learning. In regard to the admission, Dr. Hu, the Executive Board Member stated that under the strong leadership and supervision of the admission commission composed of the Executive Board Member, the Headmaster and the Deputy Headmaster, together with close cooperation from the two principals and other relative teachers, this year’s enrollment has achieved tremendous success both in quality and quantity. On this note, we wish XIS to reach greater heights and create new milestones in this regard. Dr. Hu also commended that the success of XIS admissions in recent years contributes to the set admission procedures and the collaboration of all XIS members. The Directors of the Board were in consensus with Dr. Hu’s statement. 


The Board meeting minutes of May 29, 2018 was approved by the Board. 


The new Headmaster debriefed the Board on his report. The Board was pleased that the transition of the former and the current Headmaster has been smooth and successful. Furthermore, the Board stated that a strong administration team would play an important role to bridge for all school communities and to stabilize our teaching team as well as the enrollment. And these would benefit the students’ academic success. The Board of Directors sent their congratulations to the school and the administration for the WASC re-accreditation & IB re-authorization. They would like to see all the faculty & staff and students to move on and stay true to its mission, and to pursue to become a reputable international school. After that, the Board continued to listen to the Headmaster on the school’s enrollment trend with two diagrams and his goals for the new school year. The Board expressed their confidence on the new Headmaster’s determination to dedicate his efforts to continue to lead all XIS stakeholders to a trust, listening, open and collaborative school climate which has been well cultivated under the leadership of the former Headmaster. They look forward to witnessing how the XIS quality of life will be extended under the leadership of the new Headmaster. 


The Headmaster spoke about the imbalance of ES and SS and that he would be surveying withdrawing families to gather more information about why that might be the case. 


The Headmaster explained any growth in program as needing substantial planning. He spoke of the need to be measured and thoughtful in our decisions as reactionary decisions can have a negative impact on the school image and the students’ learning. The Headmaster indicated that expansion plans should be decided (determined) in December 2018 to avoid reactionary consequences that could negatively affect students. 


The Headmaster’s working goals for the year were discussed. 


The final financial budget report of SY 2017-2018 was approved by the Board. 


Dr. Hu announced the list of the new Board members for the next tenure. The list of the new Board member was approved by the Board of Directors. 




Respectfully submitted, 

Office of Board of Directors of XIS